Plaxis Plasma Pen Treatments.

 Plasma Pen and its proprietary technique directly targets “fibroblasts” which are the most common cells of connective tissue and those which synthesise the extracellular matrix and create collagen. The Plasma Pen generates firm, fresh, new and youthful skin without damaging any surrounding skin tissue and structure. It works using plasma so there's no electric current and it's a quick and non-invasive procedure for the patient. Given the radical, long-lasting and highly sought-after results

Plaxis Plasma can be carried out on various areas of the face and can be combined during one session safely and effectively reducing treatment time and appointments.

Typical Treatment Around The Eye Area For Lid Lift And Smiles Lines.

The Plasma Shots ( Little Red Dots) As Shown  Will Diminish And Completely Disappear In 5 To 7 Days.

Typical example of treatment around the eye using Plasma Pen procedure, these results were achieved after one treatment with no down time.

In addition to the direct effect of lifting and rejuvenation, there is another positive effect that can be observed in the long term. Treatment with plasma while ensuring indirectly for biostimulation in the deeper skin layers. This allows the production of new collagen and elastin fibers are stimulated. This effect, combined with the restructuring of the connective tissue, in the treated ares will boost their strength and volume.

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