Plaxis Hyaluronic Ultra Pen.

Medical Grade.

Plaxis Hyaluronic Ultra Penwe believe the superior build quality and design is the best on the market. This is a purpose made no needle medical grade device specifically for administering  no needle  treatments.

CE mark and ISO13485

Super fast application, 5000 shot, faster client turnaround, precise dosage, larger dosage capability and cost effective.

Plaxis Training Academy Is The Only Training Provider In The UK Offering This  Amazing CE Certified Device.

Plaxis Ultra needle free injection system is designed to administer insulin it was only a matter of time before it was used for aesthetic treatments.  The system works by positive displacement, i.e. by forcing liquid medication through a micro orifice of a special ampoule. This creates an ultrafine, high pressure stream of liquid product that penetrates the skin. In this manner the medication is deposited into the subcutaneous tissue.  

Plaxis Ultra Pen is suitable for injecting various subcutaneous and fatty tissues medication such as Insulin, growth hormone, local and dental anesthesia, vaccines and cosmetic surgery injections. 

Protection Cap.
Ampoule Inside Cap.
Loading Adjustment Wheel.
Dosage Window.

Plaxis Ultra Is:

        - Spring-powered system.

        - Top-grade materials.

        - Good fluidics: complete injection in 0.3s.

        - Precise injection: medicine reaches to subcutaneous area  without                   touching the muscle layer,  avoiding hypoglycemia.

        - 5000 precise injection capability.

        - Injection Accuracy: 0.01ml (1 IU)

        - Injection dosage range: 0.04-0.35ml (4-35 IU)

Safety Lock.
Injection Button.

Using high pressure to release liquid product from a micro orifice to create an ultrafine liquid stream that instantly penetrates skin to the subcutaneous tissue. The needle free injector  disperses  product evenly as spray-like pattern over a larger subcutaneous area while the traditional injection, the product forms a pool. 


Plaxis Ultra Training Package And Cost.


Hyaluronic Ultra Package Is A Full 1 Day Course.

Course Starts At 9.30 am, Ends Around  5pm

Emphasis On Various Facial Features Including Lips, Lines, Creases etc.
Introduction Theory.
Hygiene & Health And Safety
Hyaluronic Information
Practical Work/Treatment
Plaxis Hyaluronic Ultra  Pen ( EC / ISO / CE certified )
Live Demo
Work On Live Model
Full Starter Kit.

20 Marketing Post Cards
1ml Of High Quality HA 

Certificate Of Attendance.
Certificate Of Qualification Once Case Studies Are Complete.
Full Support After The Completion Of The Course.

Dedicated Clinical Support.

Access To Password Protected Members Page.

Printable Forms " Aftercare " " Consent " " Consultation "

Free Monthly Workshop. ( Booking Required )

New Course Package For May 2019.

Plaxis Hyaluronic Ultra Pen.

*** HA for training is not cross linked and the effects will only last for a very limited period, this is specifically used for case studies.

Special Offer.

January 20th £1699.00.

Total Cost £2199.00.

Deposit Of £699.00 Is Required To Secure Your Position.

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