What Is Plaxis Plasma Pen.

Plaxis Plasma Pen works on the principle of ionized gas in the air. At the right distance from the skin (treated area), oxygen and nitrogen are mixed, and the electrostatic energy produces the plasmatic effusion, which discharges on the skin with thermals. The skin pores open, the superfluous plasma or water evaporates, and with proper fibroblast technique we reach the contraction of the skin, whereby the excess skin dies down superficially and falls in the form of dandruff within the framework of the aftercare.

The Plasma energy is directed through a precise tip of the hand piece. It is easy to manoeuvre and target the most hidden areas, achieving the best results. During the treatment it should be held 1–2 mm away from the skin so the plasma can reach its surface. Care must be taken when doing this to ensure good stability and firm support in the treatment area.

Simultaneously, our plasma penetrates the fibroblasts contained within the dermis below and this stimulates accelerated division & migration of collagen cells. The dermis is actually composed of approximately 95% collagen.  Fibroblasts rarely undergo division within connective tissues unless they’re stimulated by a wound healing process or an inflammatory response and we do exactly that with Plasma Pen which is why we call it fibroblasting

Increased levels of type 3 collagen production occur for weeks and months after the micro-trauma we create and this then synthesises into tougher type 1 collagen. Collagen and elastin are essential to maintaining fibrillar viscoelasticity and the activation of the inflammatory response by our Plasma Pen directly helps improve viscoelasticity. It also helps prevent negative behaviours such as the stiffness and stress relaxation often caused by the accumulation of AGE’s (Advanced Glycation End Products). Collagen structures are better able to accommodate load/overload and we help prevent and repair deformation to the elasticity of collagen molecules.  All these positive changes we make to these collagen mechanics with our Plasma Pen support tissue stability

The inflammatory response which occurs during the healing process also activates “M2 Macrophages”. Macrophages are white blood cells that engulf and digest cellular debris, foreign substances, microbes and anything else without proteins good for healthy cells. M2 macrophages decrease the inflammation we cause & encourage tissue regeneration and repair.

Plasma Pen also stimulates the migration of “basal keratinocytes” up to the surface of the skin. Wounds to the skin are repaired, in part, by the migration of keratinocytes from the basal layer of the skin and they fill-in the gaps created by the micro-wounds we create.

Plasma Pen is the gift that keeps giving because we achieve immediate results and those results improve significantly over the coming months. Effects last around 3 years although many results are permanent.

Student working with a practice pen during training.

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